Basic Safety Guidelines for the Road Traveler  

6According to security experts, nothing works to keep you safe when traveling than to be able to plan well for it. Except for personal crimes, it is rare that a criminal would assault or commit a crime against one specific person because violence does not really choose anyone. Instead, criminals will look for people who look vulnerable or those who appear like they’re not very conscious about their surroundings.


To avoid security risks and stay safe while traveling, here are fast tips to go by:


  1. Get your vehicle a fixed cell phone or a CB radio. These two items will allow you to call for emergency rescue or police assistance quickly, just in case you need them.


  1. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition. Find out further information on this through our link. Performing routine maintenance can make a huge difference in terms of keeping your car less likely to break down while you’re out on the.


  1. Plan your trip well. Two important components of this plan are the weather and the condition of your vehicle. Also take along maps with you and try to familiarize yourself in advance regarding the routes you intend to take going to your destination.


  1. Keep your friends and family in the loop when it comes to your itinerary. This is crucially important when your travel plans include an overnight stay. Tell them where you’re staying, give them the details like the address of the place and even the phone number, along with the different routes that you plan to take. This makes it way easier for them to contact you when needed.


  1. Just in case, bring with you a “Help” or “Emergency” sign. This will certainly be helpful whenever your car does break down along a highway or an Interstate. Be sure that the sign is in bold, readable letters and fits on your back window or your windshield.


  1. Don’t leave without an emergency bag from the site at, which should include a first-aid kit, jumper cables, emergency blankets and a working flashlight.


  1. Have company if possible, and always keep your doors locked, even when you’re outside the vehicle. Keep shopping bags, suitcases, wrapped presents and other valuables out of sight – put them all in the trunk.


  1. Finally, don’t be distracted by tourist attractions such as architecture, scenery and the like. Never let your guard down because criminals might sense it and you’ll then become an easy target. Be aware of everything that’s going on around you, especially when you have to park your car. Avoid coming near vehicles when you can’t clearly see who or what’s in them.



Road trips are always exciting, especially with the family in tow, but not when you don’t work enough to ensure everyone’s safety. Keep these tips in mind.


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